Friday, 10 September 2010

One Of Those Weeks

So Monday was Isabella's "birthday", my first day of uni and involved a trip back to the unit where she was born. I didn't really have much time to dwell on it as I spent all day in a mad panic trying to work out how to get from uni to the hospital on time. Then I got there and realised that I'd forgotten my notes and the hospital didn't have my notes either as they were in the other hospital where I had my scan last week. So had to get my father in law to bring them which took an hour. While I was sitting by the reception desk I kept seeing tiny new babies being taken home in their car seats which was just utterly painful. When I finally got my notes and started waiting in the clinic it turned out that my consultant was on holiday, and the replacement consultant had been taken to a crash c-section so I may as well not have bothered. They did a quick antenatal blood pressure/urine test and that was it. Little one is moving lots and keeping me reassured thankfully.
The rest of the week has been manic trying to work out the best way to get to uni on time, as the trains kept getting delayed, traffic is horrendous, no parking, no idea which buses I need to get on ect. Trying to find the right rooms to be in when the place is vast and all looks the same. The usual nightmare stuff when you are trying a whole new routine in a new place with new people.
We also found out that our friend that died last week committed suicide, which is just all kinds of sad. He was living with and looking after his gran for the last few years, they were really close and she passed away about a month back. He got married a few years back and his wife cheated on him within two weeks of the wedding. Maybe it just all got too much? It's so sad as he was a genuinely funny and nice guy and no one knew there was anything really wrong. His best friend talked to him on the phone the night before and there didn't seem to be anything wrong, they had just bought tickets for the football season together...I just don't get it.
Anyway, this week has royally sucked and I'm hoping that things will pick up next week...things can hopefully only get better.