Friday, 3 September 2010

Well That Was Not So Bad

Scan went well and everything looks ok. Big relief! I was getting the wobbly lip as soon as I got there but Dave played mobile phone battleships with me and distracted me beautifully! We were in first so there was not the usual waiting room full and we only had to wait 10 mins.There was actually more than one room there and my luck was in, it wasn't the same room I went in last time, hooray! The sonographer has acutally read the notes and was really really lovely to us. She checked the heartbeat first for me and really took her time and was really wonderful. Baby was of course in an funny position so I had to have a bit of a walk to get her to move into a better position...yeh..looks like it's another little girl :) I couldn't have asked for better, it was totally not as bad as I was expecting.
So it was a really great day and I was on a high, until we got a phone call this evening saying one of hubby's friends has died this morning, we don't know what's happened yet, but it really sucks, the guy was only like 32. It's shocking just how fragile life is hey...

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  1. I am so glad the scan went well. So sorry about your friend.x