Sunday, 31 October 2010

12.5 Hour Shifts

I start my first hospital placement in just over a week and I'm so excited to actually get working in the hospital and learning stuff. The only thing that is causing me to stress a little is the fact that I will be doing 12.5 shifts, starting at 29 weeks pregnant. I've only ever done one or two other 12 hour days and I know it would knacker me out even if I was not pregnant. Even just standing around for that length of time is going to be a big challenge. I've bought one of those bump supports from Mothercare and I have to say that it is helping with my rubbishy lower back so hopefully that will help me out. I'm planning to finish this first placement which will take me up to the 3rd January, which will give me just a few weeks off before the baby comes. I'm keeping a very open mind about all this though and if it is too much I can finish early, but it does mean I have to back to uni early too. If I can finish the placement I'll start back next October, if I don't make the placement I'll have to do it again starting in July which is a huge difference!

I got the pushchair out of the attic last night as hubby was putting stuff in and I decided it may as well come down while he was up there. It's a Quinny Buzz with all the accessories in really good nick which I won for a song on Ebay. I bought it just before I had the second miscarriage at 12 weeks, I'd made the 12 weeks and totally thought that chances were everything would be fine, ahhh the good old innocent days. I can't remember how to do anything with it though so it's probably going to take from now until the baby comes to actually work out how to work the damn thing lol! My daughter has been playing putting her dolls in it all morning so we've worked out how to lay the seat back, and discovered that I have the wrong adaptors for the carrycot so back to Ebay, two tiny plastic adaptors cost flipping £20 grrr. But I also discovered that the package I have new costs £450 new so I'm feeling glad that I did put it away in the attic instead of getting rid of it :D

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