Monday, 4 October 2010

24 Weeks

So I was feeling all positive and confident for 5 mins, I was like YEH we ARE going to have a baby in this house soon, of course we are! *does funky dance*. I even went crazy and bought baby stuff on Ebay, a set of 12 little lamb cotton nappies, a bundle of newborn clothes and a carry cot for our Quinny pram all at a bargain price. Of course I should have known that pride comes before a fall *sigh* I marched into the hospital for my scan with faith this afternoon, straight past the inevitable newborn hit squad, (I'm half sure they lie in wait and discharge all the newborns when they see me coming) I sat bored in the waiting room without crying, for the first time ever, even though I was waiting forever for my turn to go in.
Everything is fine and I don't need to panic just yet but the baby is measuring very small, in the lowest possible normal range, so I need to go back in two weeks to see that she is growing ok, they told me not to worry. Two weeks ago she was big for her age so of course I am now worrying, and really really wishing I had not gotten overconfident and ordered all the baby stuff. I *know* that purchasing baby items does not curse babies to instant death but my timing really sucks :(


  1. Oh honey, I'm confident it's just a glitch, try to stay calm. Sending you love and healthy baby vibes. x

  2. Oh dear. I know that this must be excruciating. God, I'm so sorry that you have to worry about this and won't get any answers for some time.

    I'm also sending good thoughts your way.

  3. Alright ~ low end of Normal is still Normal...right? I know that there is no way to turn off the anxiety but I will pray and hope that you somehow can.

    Hang in there and remember that this is just one scan.

  4. Hi, B here from glow. i just wanted to call in and see how you're doing.

    Didn't realise you're in the UK too. I'm up in Newcastle.