Tuesday, 19 October 2010

26 Weeks

I had another scan yesterday and everything is looking good, baby is still on the lowest centile but is growing just fine. She's turned breech, which I had suspected as she's kicking my bladder all the time lol! For the first time I managed to get through the whole thing without crying or feeling generally terrible! I ended up going really early straight from Uni so sat outside reading for a while, which I think really helped calm me down. The newborn hit squad had seemingly taken the day off which was awesome and it was mostly a clinic full of fairly newly pregnant ladies rather than those about to pop. It was all rather boring and I didn't even get a wobbly lip at any point *joy*

Oh and before I forget! Ahead of the game for once :P
Day 19 - A talent of yours
I like to sing and play guitar pretty badly :D


  1. oh what a relief :)
    i'm glad she's ok! hope she turns round in the end.

  2. Great news! The whole appointment sounds about as nice as it could get.