Friday, 22 October 2010

Day 20, 21, 22

Had my first exam this morning, only a mock exam so didn't panic too much about. Was well chuffed to get 100% though, hell yeh!! :D

Day 20- A hobby of yours and how it has changed since your loss
I did take up roller derby last year after Bella, which was totally awesome. You can't worry about stuff and try and stay upright on roller skates at the same time. But had to give it up since I was pregnant, hopefully I will go back some day but I figure that's going to be a challenge with a little baby, but hey :D I used to be really into contact juggling, hula hooping, fire festival type stuff but I've really lost all motivation with it all, I'll get back into one day maybe.

Day 21 - A recipe
Ok, this is an awesome recipe that everyone in my house loves. I started out with a recipe from a newspaper but I've made it better since then. It's super healthy and the kids actually eat it and ask for more!

Fairy's Balsamic Beef
Stewing beef
Chantenay carrots (awesome as you dont have to peel/chop but any carrots will do)
mushrooms (or any other random veggies you fancy)
tin of tomatoes
tube of tomato puree
1 beef stock cube (go for an MSG free one)
possibly a bit of water(..depends how many veggies you put in)
3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
mixed herbs
salt and pepper

This is super easy - pre heat oven to about 160/medium heat
Throw all ingredients in a casserole pot (don't bother browning the meat and the onions, tastes just as good without bothering) make sure there is enough liquid to cover everything, sometimes I add a little water if I've put in lots of veggies. Pop in the oven for 2 hours. Serve with mash or new potatoes, I promise it's yummeh!
Also works even better in a slow cooker if you are out in the day :D

Day 22- A website that has been meaningful since your loss
I've spent lots of time online and the most helpful and meaningful websites have been those of fellow babylost mothers. It was actually really hard to find ones that were not all fluffy angels, American cheese, God bothering and generally impossible to relate to. But I have come across some blogs that are breathtakingly beautifully written, honest, I think reading about other people, going through the same kind of things, same sort of feelings helps, a kind of solidarity maybe. I think that sometimes writing stuff in a blog is so much easier than attempting to explain how you feel to real life people, where you are worried about upsetting them or letting them in on how bad you are at actually coping. If I'd not read alot of this stuff I'd have thought I was actually losing my mind, instead of thinking that actually I am pretty normal for a babylost mother. I have a few hundred on my reading list but here are some of my top super talented amazing bloggers :-
Knocked Up Knocked Down (this one kinda ended now but it's still good read)

There are also a lot of very funny websites that have been a sort of therapy almost, here are my favs:-
Hyperbole and a half - (I very nearly wet myself reading the story about the bikes, you have to read it!)


  1. The balsamic beef sounds YUM! I'm definitely going to cook some for me and Jess.

    I'm with you on every single one of the blogs you've listed, I love them all. And hyperbole and a half, I nearly wet myself everything single time I read it! Am going to go and check out the other links now. Thanks for the tips, I could use some funnies today. xo

  2. Totally forgot to say 100%, hell yeh! Don't think I've ever got 100% on an exam ever.

  3. roller derby...way to go! i just recently met someone who's picked up roller derby. It looks like a good way to disconnect and get some energy out :) your recipe sounds delicious. and a big thank you too. (((hugs)))

  4. Hey great job on your exam! Very impressive and don't sell yourself short by saying it was only a "mock exam."

    I love, love, love cake wrecks. I laugh every time I read it. I'm gonna pop on over to hyperbole and a half because I've never heard of it before.

    Thanks for the kind words. Would it sound silly if I said, "Right back at ya?" Yes, probably but I did it anyway.

  5. 100% is excellent!

    i'd never heard of roller derby til i watched whip it. loved the film and it looked like fun :)