Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Day 23, 24, 25

Day 23 - A Youtube video that makes you laugh
Ok, I have a lot of these lol!! So many to choose from!

I adore Tim Minchin and this little clip cracks me up :D (lil bit of bad language)

This one we found yesterday, this peace protestor stopped a Koran burning in the US, by nicking the Koran they were going to burn...which has now of course been made into a song ...haha love it :D

Last weekend my so called friends subjected me to a screening of "the worst film ever made" The Room. Which was truly truly the worst thing I have ever seen but was actually painfully funny because of it..again someone has autotuned it heheh :D

Day 24 - Where you live
I grew up in a bit of a rural place and always though that I would want to live in the countryside. I had my own horse through my early teens and spent all my time on the farm. I always wanted to live on a remote smallholding with mountains and animals. But I bought my first house in a tiny little semi rural village and was utterly miserable. Then I met OH and moved to Solihull, Birmingham and it turns out I love living by the city! I love that there is so much to do here, theatre, music, parks, activities, nightlife and great places to eat. I love that the schools are so much better here and there is so much more here for the kids to do. Last year we managed to scrape enough money to buy a little ex council house in a decent area and for the first time ever I feel really settled :D

Day 25 - Your day in great detail
Ok this was actually yesterday but I was too tired to post last night lol!

Woke up and kicked OH out of bed, I normally get up before him and get him up when he needs to go to work but this week is half term so I stayed in bed for an extra hour awake but snuggled up. DD has gone to stay with her Dad in Wales so there is no one to make me get up early at all. *bliss*. I spent the morning carefully avoiding putting away the vast pile of laundry that needs ironing and putting away, drinking tea and surfing the net was far more important :P
My DS needed new clothes desperately so we decided that we'd pop into town and get some shopping done. It was really nice spending the day with him as we don't get much of a chance to spend one on one time. We got some jeans, tshirts and hoodies from H&M and then treated ourselves to a Starbucks. DS wanted to go do some skateboarding with his friends so I dropped him at the skatepark and popped into Halfords to get some anti freeze spray as we got caught out by the frost this morning. I ended up buying new tyres and inner tubes for a bike we have sitting in the shed that DS could use, (I used to work as a cycles mechanic in Halfords once upon a time) as I figured that once is stops raining that could be little project for me later in the week.
I cooked a sweet and sour chicken for tea and then we chilled out in front of the telly and watched a bit of 6 Feet Under. Then over to the inlaws for a cuppa and a chat.
Great day, nice to have some time off :D

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  1. Love that first video clip!
    My Mum was born in Solihull. :0)