Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Day 26, 27

Day 26 - Your week in great detail
This week is half term so I am kicking back and relaxing but the usual thrillingly exciting week goes something like this:-
Mon-Fri. I get up at 7am and try and get in the bathroom before anyone else gets up. 7.30 I wake everyone up if they've not got up already. Sort breakfast out and pack my uni stuff. Try and figure out what DD needs for school. I'm not that great at remembering school stuff, in fact I am utterly useless. Usually there is some kind of panic from there are no socks/forgotten homework/no cookery club ingredients/no keys/mobile phone missing/no money for school dinner. Chaos is a usual morning here. Then everyone sets off about 8 o'clock..or at least everyone aims to leave then. It's all a bit complicated with one car which sometimes I have and sometimes not. So I either drive DD to school, get OH's mum to pick her up or catch the bus, DS walks. Then I have to get two buses to college or a train then a bus which is quicker but means a 20 min walk to the train station. It's all a bit complicated, especially when you are organisationally challenged like I am.

I get to uni and get studying, this I am a bit better at doing. Usually go to library for a bit and grab some lunch in the student union bar. Then it's back on a zillion buses to get home or if I'm lucky a drive back. Then I pick DD up from school/after school club/childminders and head home. Then I attempt to think of something to cook for dinner, this is usually challenging as I'm crap at organising food ahead of time and half our kitchen is in boxes in the living room. Luckily there is a Tesco 2 mins down the road so I can grab stuff if needs be. Then I tend to chill out on the laptop with everyone and attempt to referee everyone fighting over who gets the big tv/laptop/computer in the living room. It's fun though really as at least we are all together. Some nights there are guitar lessons and stuff to go to, which I hate! I usually get really tired by about 8pm, OH hates this as we always used to cuddle up and watch films/anime/tv together from 9-midnight.
Saturdays/sundays we all lie in and then I do all the washing and the housework which I have been avoiding all week, blegh. DS normally goes out skating with his friends if it's dry at the weekend. There are usually a zillion DIY tasks to get done as well or trips to the tip with the rubble from the kitchen work as we can't afford a skip lol! We are nearly through it all now and almost have a garden back :D My life is busy, stressful, unorganised and chaotic but I love it!

27- Your worst habit
This would probably be my procrastination and general laziness. I hate housework, cleaning, washing, organising all that essential jazz and avoid it where ever possible. Of course it all still needs to be done which usually means there is a bit of cycle. I get on top of everything and pretend to be a real grown up who can take care of everything. Then it all gets too much and I end up just ignoring real life stuff and rebelling, by doing lots of fun cool stuff that I want to do...until it reaches critical mass and I HAVE to do all the real life work stuff and then it's a massive huge overwhelming task. I totally cracked up at this post on Hyperbole and a half which pretty much sums it all up lol!


  1. Whew! That is a busy day week! Hyperbole and Half does a good job of graphing that...I can relate :)

  2. LOL, I'm still wondering when I'm going to be a proper grown up!

  3. Love the chart, too funny!