Tuesday, 30 November 2010

4lb 12oz

is the current estimate on how big this lil baby is :D I had another scan yesterday and all is looking fine. It's strange having a scan so late in pregnancy, she is so big now that she won't fit on the screen all in one go. She also had hiccups while they were trying to measure her tummy which was cute!
I also had a chance to chat about delivery with the very lovely midwife from the miscarriage clinic, very good timing that she happened to be there. I will have the option of booking an induction at 39 weeks, but that it is up to me. Now, to be fair the idea of being booked in is actually sort of soothing, it would means no mad rush to hospital, no worrying about trying to get in the damn place in the middle of the night, childcare can be sorted out beforehand and hopefully there would be a bed and enough midwives ect. But also there is part of me that still wishes I could do the whole thing naturally and the midwife also said that I could wait for labour naturally and go to the midwife unit instead. But to be fair I don't think that I would have the patience to sit around waiting (and worrying) for that long. So I have one last scan in 4 weeks and an appointment with the consultant to make a plan for the birth.

Whilst I was waiting before the scan there was a woman making a huge fuss about the fact that she'd just found out she was having a girl when she wanted a boy. She was making a big show of it to her husband and mother about just how "really pissed off" she was, shouting at him and generally being vile. In the other corner of the room was this tiny little asian lady who had just come back from having a scan and she had that thousand mile stare that says the news has not been good. I totally wanted to go up to the lady who was "pissed off" about having a perfectly healthy baby and just point out that not everyone in the room had not just had such good news, that the sex of the baby was probably the last thing on the list she should be worrying about and that she should STFU! I bit my tongue with effort and pondered how foolish people are to worry and be upset about things that really do not matter and reflected on the fact that I should also not bother worrying about stuff that really does not matter either. It really does not matter the hows and wherefores of how I have this baby, so long as she arrives safely, which I truly truly hope that she does xxx


  1. Oh ~ I think that if I were there with you, I may have gone ahead and said something... but that is just the kind of mood that I have been in lately. I am tired of all the pettiness and superficiality that people who haven't experienced the death of a child feel the need to spew aloud. It was probably a good thing you didn't say anything. That poor other woman:(

  2. Some people just don't know how lucky they are. Gah, complaining over which kind of healthy baby you get, I agree, STFU!

    Praying for much peace for you over the last bit of this pregnancy and also for the best possible outcome. xx

  3. it's not even that i can't imagine being upset that your baby is the 'wrong' sex. i can kind of believe that some people have always dreamed of a girl or a boy and are upset when they find out. i want a girl, really, and i'm a bit scared of the idea of having a boy. but as long as it's born alive and healthy, i'll be happy.

    where i can't, just can't imagine going with that is bitching and ranting and raving in a HOSPITAL. where, as you say, not everyone will have had such good news as 'the baby is alive and well'.

    i'm glad you have a plan.

    glad to hear your lil one is doing so well :)