Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Isabella's Things

Yesterday at my mother in laws she mentioned all the baby stuff that was in their garage. I though I may as well pluck up the courage to take it all home whilst we were on the subject. It was not as bad as I thought it would be, it didn't really upset me as much as I thought it would. I'd forgotten just how much stuff I had bought though!! It's sort of awesome as it's all stuff there is no way I could afford to buy this time around being a poverty stricken student. It was sort of like Christmas, opening all this beautiful stuff...and damn I had good taste :D I have a purple corduroy Wilkinet baby carrier, 4 pastel coloured Fuzzi Funz Nappies, 2 Tots Tots lilac spot covers, 1 pack of rainbow Tots Bots, a whole set of Bambino Mio newborn nappies, 4 packs of size 2 Bambino Mio nappies,pink fleece nappy wrap, 2 packs of washable baby wipes and spray solution, fleece nappy liners, purple Tots Bots waterproof nappy bag, pastel pink nappy bucket, some super cute baby clothes, handmade bandana bibs and even an super posh aromatherapy labour kit. The only trouble is that it seems I have enough nappies for about 3 babies, as I've been buying nappies on Ebay this time around too lol!

I also had another growth scan yesterday and everything is looking good!! Baby is looking around 2lb 12oz which is a whole 1lb more than two weeks ago. She's also flipped from breech to head down which is good as I've been doing those handstands from that Spinning Babies website. This all means they don't want to see me for 4 weeks. Also popped to see the ward I will be working on next week while I was at the hospital and people there seemed nice and it didn't look too crazy busy, which is good!

I have a day off uni today and suddenly all this baby stuff around feels really weird, I feel very much like someone who is pretending to be pregnant. Like a crazy lady buying baby stuff for a reborn doll or something. It's all a bit odd.


  1. so glad everything is looking good. and exciting about all your stuff!

    hope it feels properly real again soon.

  2. I did the nappy buying for several babies too. I think we have about a million terries here!

  3. I can only imagine how strange it must feel to be around all that baby stuff again. Alien. Unreal. Temporary. I am relieved that you did not find it as difficult as you had imagined.

    So, so happy to hear that everything is going well with your daughter and that she is growing well.