Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A Bad Day

Well after feeling so good for so long and getting through the nightshifts unscathed, I woke up today feeling pretty awful. By the time I got to work I was feeling even worse and as soon as I got through the door, people were like "are you ok, you don't look so good". It's the same old, weird trippy feeling, high heart rate, weird visual stuff going, muscles feel all weak and horrible. The nice thing about working at the hospital is that the maternity ward is right there so I went straight over to get checked out. It was kind of hard trying to explain over the buzzer why I was there as I was sobbing so much by the time I got there, plus I have managed to lose my green maternity notes and this is the first time I have ever gone to work without them, typical!!! I was hooked up to the monitor and everything with the baby seems fine, she had been worryingly quiet this morning but woke straight up and starting bouncing round like crazy once I was hooked up..I was sooo relieved. I spoke to the Dr and stuff and they took some blood, but they said everything looks fine and that I was fine to go home. I can't help but worry though, it's never been a good thing when I feel like this. I'm also thinking that maybe I should just stop working now and just rest these last few weeks, but that means that I will have worked all this time for totally nothing and I'll fail the placement which will royally suck after all this hard work! I'll have to do the whole thing again from scratch starting next July, instead of going back into uni next October *sigh*.
Anyway I went home about as miserable as can be but I got home to find a package for me, with the most adorable knitted pixie hat in it. Thank you so much Jeanette, it really was lovely to come home and find something so sweet, I really appreciate it so much, it was like getting a hug in the post xxx I'm cuddled up on the sofa now with my feet up and a cup of tea and feeling a bit better :)


  1. Glad you have your feet up and some tea. That's a difficult scenario with the placement possibility. Hoping you come to a conclusion that you feel good about...thinking of you. And no more trippy weird feelings!! ((hugs))

  2. Awww honey, huge hugs from here. Glad the pixie hat arrived safely. x

  3. Oh no:( Man, it sucks to be this close to accomplishing a goal and feeling it slipping out of your grasp. When we were lost George I did not know if I was going to have to wait for an entire year to graduate. It is stress on top of stress.
    I'm very relieved for you that everything checked out fine. I know you are stressed out and concerned. I will be thinking about you and hoping that how you were feeling was just a bad day and not an sign of days to come.

  4. Hoping you continue feeling better and have a much better day tomorrow. Thinking of you. xx