Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Healing Power Of Cigarettes!

I'm totally tired after 3 12.5 hour nightshifts, but they were actually not as bad a day shift..I actually got to sit down for a while! Mostly all the patients are lovely, so many are being so brave even though they are going through so much. However not all of them are pleasant..this weekend we had a young guy, maybe 25, 6ft 4, really fit and healthy other than a broken leg in plaster. Our ward is not really meant for this type of patient but there was no where else for him to go. He kept us busy the whole night complaining about everything and anything, his phone kept going off keeping all the other patients awake and we were fetching him bottles and bedpans as he couldn't walk. Then he started complaining that no one was taking him in a wheelchair out for a cigarette and I explained that we didn't have any and the staff were not able to take him off the ward for that purpose. Then Lo and Behold up he gets grabs his crutches and speeds off the ward, down 2 floors and and all the way out of the hospital just to have a cigarette...a miraculous recovery! Later in the morning, I was already running late home as it was so busy with poorly people, I had my coat on and was just grabbing my handbag when he spots me and cries..."nurse, nurse help me!" so I drop everything and rush over to him. He decides he needs a bottle to go to toilet again, so I take off my coat and trudge around sorting it out. So there I am..clearly 8 months pregnant, 13 hours into a shift which I'm not even getting paid for, fucking exhausted, running around after someone who was perfectly capable of getting to the loo himself and wouldn't even say thank you. GRRRRRRR! I was so so pissed off with this guy!! Luckily when I got back in for the next shift he'd tried the same trick the day staff and they had very firmly told him that if he was capable of going all the way outside for a cigarette then he was more than capable of getting across the hall to the toilet.
We also had another patient having a total freak out at one of the poor nurses over the fact we did not have full scale catering in the middle of the night, he'd missed the evening meal as he was in theatre, she'd offered him tea and toast and a sandwich but apparently this was not to his taste, he insisted on a full hot cooked dinner at 1am. He started screaming at his nurse who was preparing urgent pain relief medication for a cancer patient that he was once the boss of (a well known TV programme) and was going to expose us for this dreadful state of affairs.....omg nurse hold the phone, stop worrying about the pain relief for the cancer patients and get in the kitchen and cook this VIP a dinner! What a twat! She didn't say a word back either just took the abuse and apologised until he finally stormed back to his bed. I see that I am going to have to grow a very thick skin if I am to do this job, the poor nurses are working in possibly the most frustrating environment I have ever been in.

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  1. I hate those patients!!!!! That is the absolute worst part of medicine. I hate that people feel entitled to certain things. It is especially bad here, were medicine is privatized. It makes medicine a consumer product and leads to people treating medical providers like shit.