Thursday, 2 December 2010

My New Favourite Christmas Song

You know what, despite being a serious athiest, I really do love Christmas! My mum was never religious so it's always been about family and friends, good food, good company and of course lots of gifts. I adore the decorations, the lights, the bad TV, the lovely atmosphere, the cooking and most of all I love how excited the kids get. Last year Christmas really sucked though, I can't remember much about it really apart from concentrating very hard on having lots to do, I cooked for 8 on Christmas day, just so I wouldn't have any time to think about missing babies. This year I'm hoping to relax and try and enjoy it a bit more.

I just found this song by the wonderful Tim Minchin, who is in Birmingham next week and I am very very upset about not being able to go see due to lack of cash and working *sob* This is my new found favourite Christmas song despite it making me cry for at least 10 minutes after listening to it


  1. I love Tim Minchin, hadn't seen this before, and now I'm sobbing too. I was ok until he mentioned brothers and sisters and Mum and Dad x

  2. Love it! Also, I gave you this silly bloggy award thing