Monday, 3 January 2011

Finished Work At Last :D

Ahhhh, I am now attempting to put my feet up and not do last shift was on Friday and I got all my paperwork completed and signed off. I'm pretty damn proud that I made it :D
Only trouble is that the house is a total tip, it looks like a Chrismassy themed bomb has exploded so I suspect that my plan for relaxing will have to be replaced with a plan to clean this place up! Honestly it is so bad that I'm considering signing back up to It's a life organisation/cleaning rota thingy that basically emails you to clean stuff up and chuck stuff out. It's great and of course it works but I get all rebellious after a bit and quit hehe! I'm like nooooo you silly fat fly freak I am not going to shine my dammed sink I am going to sit on the sofa drinking tea and surfing the net so bleeeeghhhhhh!!! But then of course the house ends up in a mess again which is always miserable. Having a half finished kitchen and bathroom does not help mind as there are still tools and kitchen doors and random half painted walls everywhere so the place looks a mess even when it is tidy. We are a long way off from babyproof!
Despite the mess I had a great Christmas, I am typing from under my new snuggly minky blanket, wearing new fluffy slipper it! I also got bought a really awesome new vintage style red kettle and toaster, which just happened to be the ones I really wanted and didn't think I was gonna get as they were expensive ones. I've had the same kettle and toaster since uni days first time around which is like 13 years ago!
So it's just one last week to go until baby time, I'm feeling super huge and tired and am trying to just enjoy this last week. Nothing has gone wrong so far but I can't help feeling like my luck will run out at some point *sigh* Baby is lying back to back at the moment which could lead to a long grumbly labour so I'm trying to spend lots of time on all fours to get her to roll around a bit. Been reading the spinning babies website a bit for tips but I'm not sure how much it really will help. I suppose the baby will come out one way or another and all I'm really hoping for is a live and kicking baby! 7 more days!


  1. Woohoo! Good for you! Will be thinking of you :)

  2. i was thinking about you this morning and thinking that you only have a week to go. yay!
    i hope she turns round for you :)

    my place is a mess too. i guess i have more time to tidy up than you do though :)

  3. i've signed up for flylady. aaaargh!!!!!

    of course my sink is white plastic so i feel i've failed at the first hurdle!


  4. Less than a week! Lots of labouring on all fours/birthing ball to turn baby, but you know that already.
    Will be thinking of you. x

  5. Congrats! Thinking of you as the time gets nearer!

  6. Great news! I used to Flylady - it really works if you stick with it. It got to me after awhile, the millions of emails and whatnot, but it did certainly help me keep the house clean. Good luck and don't forget to relax some a bit, too. xx

  7. so close! has the baby turned??