Thursday, 20 January 2011

Indulging in Shopping :D

I am totally skint, but what is a student overdraft for :P I've treated myself and Kira to a few really lovely things! 2 super cool breastfeeding tops from Mama Feels Good I'm so chuffed they have these in size 18 to fit me :D

I also got some lovely lovely new moisturiser, Steamcream - check out the awesome tin, rainbows dammit! it's made from lovely natural ingredients and is only £10! It's very similar to very expensive natural creams I have bought for 3 times as much

For Kira I have bought some super cute lil nappies from Babykind! This cherry one is a Tinifit AIO from Tots Bots which I'm sure will be grown out of in a few weeks but it's just sooo cute!

Also two wraps one Nature Babies in plain pink and a Weehugger in lush designer fabric :D


  1. That photo of you and Kira is just gorgeous! It's so wonderful to "hear" you so happy. x

  2. Lovely. Always love a little clothy bottom bub.

  3. I am addicted to online shopping at the moment! ANd now I have new things to shop for:)

  4. Stopping by from LFCA to send congratulations on your beautiful rainbow baby! I'm pregnant with my first after a loss and hope to soon be in a similar place. I love, love, LOVE the cloth diapers you got for Kira, they are fantastic!

  5. I have read some of your posts on glow and just followed another mamma's link to your blog.
    You got me interested in the website you linked to! I emailed them to see if they still have that tin of steam cream you bought- does it smell good? Keep me posted.
    love and light- Leslie