Saturday, 15 January 2011

Kira's Birth Story

I'm trying to type this between constant breastfeeding :D [Edit : this has taken 4 days lol!]

So when Monday came I really expected to be told to come in on a different day or something but they said come straight in for 9am. We were put on a bay with 3 other women getting induced at the same time. They did some monitoring of her heart for half an hour which was nice and reassuring. Then I had a dose of a prostaglandin pessary and another half an hour of monitoring. We chilled out watching stuff on the laptop, (managed to get through almost all of the latest series of Dexter lol!). Although they had stupid signs saying that we could not plug anything in as it was theft of electricity, grr! Luckily our nice midwife let us off, we popped out for some lunch and I did lots of walking up the stairs to try and get something going but I had not so much as a twinge., By the time we got to 3 o'clock all the other ladies had gone to delivery and all I was getting was irregular tightenings. The midwife came back to do another trace on the monitor and she was positioning it just where she had been earlier and there was silence, she moved it round to the other side and still total silence. Time just stopped right then...I couldn't even breathe. She moved the monitor around and it was still silent. All I could think of is that that was the exact same thing that happened with Isabella, with the midwife saying how she'd probably just moved a bit and that she would find a heartbeat any second now. Then she moved the monitor right down low and there it was, her heartbeat happily away...I swear I have never been so relieved in all my life. I'm sure it was just for a few seconds but it felt like forever and I was really really shaken and had a bit of a cry.
All of the upset seemed to get things going though and all of a sudden I was having contractions coming every minute, so I was checked again and the midwife could break my waters. Heavy duty contractions kicked in straight away every minute and we got moved to the delivery suite for some nice gas and air. I got a gym ball to bounce away on and things were progressing pretty quickly. I got to that horrible stage where you just can't cope at all with the pain any more and was checked and I was only 6cm. I was totally gutted as I was convinced that it must be really soon. I got on the bed on all fours and hung on to the back of the bed for dear life. It seemed like forever and I was totally not coping at all. Now with all my other babies I have never had pain once I got to the pushing bit, and the contractions totally changed. This time it just didn't happen, I felt like I should be pushing but it just didn't feel right. I was in so much pain I didn't know what to do with myself. I ended up feeling like I wanted to lie down and as I turned over she finally started to make an appearance. Was so weird though as I still didn't have any pushy feeling contractions at all I had to really make an effort to push myself and she came fairly slowly. They popped her straight onto my chest after she was born, but she didn't start breathing. I was panicking so much as they were resuscitating her but she soon starting doing some proper crying after a few seconds. They handed her back and me and DH had tears in our eyes, we couldn't believe she was here at last and all ok.
Her little head was moulded all to one side so I think she was a little bit stuck for a little while which would explain why it felt so odd with her not moving down so easily. I was a bit disappointed not to have delivered her on all fours but I think the rolling over got her to turn that little bit. I got a labial tear and a second degree perineal tear which I decided not to get stitched as it was pretty small. I've found healing much more comfy than all the stitches I had with the first two babies, I got off very lightly this time! Labour didn't kick off really until 5pm and she was delivered at 9.55 so can't really grumble about that, didn't need to have anything other than the first pessary either which was awesome!

We are so so relieved that she is here and safe and well, I feel like we have just won the lottery!! I just always had the feeling that lightning could strike twice, I could never picture her being here, I'm just amazed and so grateful. For all my happiness though I remember that there were others who started this journey at the same time and never got to have their happy ending. That there were so many babies on this same say and every day that don't make it. I hold her close and fully understand just how lucky I am xxx


  1. She's lovely...just so glad for you :)

  2. oh i'm so pleased she is here and safe :) i'm so glad i knew that before i read the bit where the midwife couldn't find her heartbeat, i was about to start panicking for you!

    thank you for sharing her birth story, i'm so glad it ended well for you all :)

  3. She's so lovely. I'm very happy for you x

  4. beautiful, babe. beautiful!

  5. actually blubbing, tears on the keyboard and fully in brood mode lol

    I am so so so happy for you, you've been through so much but we all know its only the beginning haha we also know you're strong enough to do it all big momma!

    sending hugs!

  6. I'm so happy to read about the arrival of your rainbow! Crying happy tears for you and yours as you welcome this beautiful girl. (((Hugs)))