Saturday, 5 March 2011

All Is Well With The World

So after having a big rant, peace and tranquillity has resumed in the frustratedfairy household. It's amazing how much better you feel after writing it all down, makes you think about things clearly, very cathartic. Of course not much has really changed but OH has made me the odd peace offering cup of tea and made me lunch today can't grumble at that :D It also helps that I'm totally over being ill and that I've actually got out of the house this week....maybe I was getting a bit grumpy with cabin fever. I've been to some baby groups, can't quite believe how many there are, it's not like back in Wales where they didn't really exist, there is something going on nearly every day of the week! I've met some other mums who are really nice, even though they are the Ugg booted yummy mummy type and I feel a little bit scummy compared. I've just about dragged myself out of bed and got dressed, might get a chance to wash if I'm lucky and they have somehow managed to straighten their hair and apply me how they manage it lol!
I've been busily selling stuff on ebay and decided to treat myself with some nice posh baby toiletries. I spent ages looking at stuff and decided to go for a little tester box to see if I like the products before buying the full size versions. I went for a box by Boo Boo, natural ingredients and all that jazz and I'm a sucker for pretty packaging , bought from as they have free postage and it works out less that the RRP so it's all good. I'm gonna get the big sizes now as I love them all, I really like the fact they smell of that nice baby powder smell, not all worthy aromatherapy.

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  1. Oooh I like the look of those baby toiletries, especially the magic balm.
    Glad things are looking up after your last post.x