Friday, 18 March 2011

Baby Naming, Super Easy Dress Tutorial (of sorts)

We've decided to have a baby naming ceremony for Kira next month. Somehow it's gone from a village hall with a few sandwiches to a full blown event at a hotel with an £18 a head buffet, which we can't really afford but dammit if we are going to do it let's do it in style lol!! The lady who did Isabella's funeral is doing the ceremony for us (from the British Humanist Association) friends have written poems for us and family are travelling from all over to be there. I'm really glad to be doing it and now wish I'd done it for my other babies!
I wanted Kira to have something special to wear but seriously Christening Wear leave much to be desired! Mostly it's all froufy, frothy, frilly, generally uninteresting or just not special enough. So I've decided to make one myself *gulp* I've really no idea what I am doing and I don't have a pattern, so this is me winging it totally! I've used my wedding dress fabric which is an amazing peacock blue and lined it in the ivory silk I used for Isabella's burial pouch. Digging out that fabric for the first time was a bit emotional, last time I had that fabric in my hands was just a few days after she had died and it meant so much to try and make her something beautiful. Anyways ....on with making Kira something beautiful too.

Step 1.
I found a dress that fits nicely and drew around it onto some newspaper, adding a bit around the end for seam allowance (about 1/2 inch). Once for the back of the dress and again for the front. Then I drew around it onto the silk and then cut out one each in the blue and one each in the ivory. I'm sure pinning it is the proper way to do it but hey ho!

Step 2.
I sewed the blue and ivory pieces together leaving a small opening to turn it inside out. (my silk didn't have a right side but you'd make sure they were right sides together if there was) This means the dress is fully lined and all the edges are nice and tidy. I put my opening on one of the sides that would be sewn up together later so I didn't need to hand stitch it closed.

Step 3.
Next I put the two pieces right sides together and sewed up the sides. Alas I was a few millimeters put on the bottom, but I've got no more silk so it will have to do. Not quite sure how to get this perfect, maybe you need to measure the bits more accurately, I'd love to know how to avoid this!

Step 4
Press and admire :D

I'm going to add poppers to the straps as I, err have no idea how to use the button hole thingy on my sewing machine, and then a decorative something that looks like a button lol! I was planning on having a big blue silk flower on the dress too. But after nearly setting the living room aflame and much swearing I realised that you need synthetic silk to make the edges of silk curl with a candle. So I'm thinking of a big bow instead...which in hindsight would have been easier to attach to the dress before it was all sewn live and learn folks! :D I'll make a part 2 with how I get around that!

I also bought a pair of these ballet slippers from Etsy but in ivory silk ...really hoping they arrive in time from America!
Silk Ballet Slippers for Baby


  1. Beautiful dress! You did a great job, and the fabrics are perfect. Love those little shoes too.

  2. Oh my gosh those shoes are wonderful! The dress is gorgeous, too. She will be a well dressed baby. :)