Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Big Kids Little Kids

All so different and I love them all fiercely. They are all so far apart that they have almost been only children. I met a mum in the local shop the other day, she had a baby the same age as Kira and a toddler just over a year old. She said how lovely it was having them so close together and I said how she must be mad and how lovely it was having mine so far apart and we laughed. As she walked away it struck me that her toddler was the same age Isabella would be now and I had one of those little pangs of jealousy, how I wish I had them both xx


  1. Your children are gorgeous.. each and every one of them. I wish so many things for all of us mamma... and I owe you an email.. promise it is coming. Sending love....

  2. Love the photos!
    Yeah, ikwym about the pang of jelousy. I know someone with two little girls and the same age gap there would be between Florence and Ernest, and while I know I could never have had them both, it still hurts to see hers. x

  3. They are all gorgeous.
    It's not fair you don't have Isabella too.

  4. lovely pics. life is so cruel!! i nominated your bog for the liebster award x