Thursday, 10 March 2011


Wednesday Kira went to see my Chiropractor, I didn't think there were any problems but figured that it was probably a good idea to get her spine checked just in case there were any issues. Being born has got to be a big strain on the body with all the twisting and squishing. She had a thorough check over and she's perfect, so no worries there. Since I've not been able to go since Kira has been born my back has been really aching again, so it was a proper relief to get it done. All the way through the pregnancy my chiropractor spent ages waving her hands around the back of my head and hitting me with this weird mini hammer thingy...I had no clue what on earth she was doing, felt really nice though. I was totally back pain free and feeling good so I was not complaining. It was only when she was talking about the baby that she told me that was called KST. So tonight I googled it and it stands for Koren Specific Technique, the hand waving around the head bit is using the base of the skull as a yes/no system to check if anything is out of position then the little hammer thing corrects it. It's all so gentle I can't quite believe that it does anything, but it is literally the only technique she used on me all through the pregnancy, I didn't have any of the usual bone crunching stuff done, and I had no bad back pain at all. I always had really bad back pain through all the other pregnancies so it really must have done the trick. It also claims to help all manner of problems and it is true that since I started going (at 16 weeks pregnant) I felt so much better, I've not had any asthma or allergy problems and most very importantly I didn't miscarry. Of course I did have the course of prednisolone and the asprin as well so that could also explain it. But it's food for thought, I'm pretty sure it helped at the very least.

I've been trying to get started on organizing a baby naming ceremony for Kira but the most difficult thing seems to be finding a date that everyone can attend, why are all of my family such busy people!! Everyone seems to have booked holidays for May/June and later than that it starts clashing with weddings/stag/hen do's *sigh* I'm determined to have it though so maybe I will just have to have it without some people which will no doubt cause moaning.
As well as the baby naming I've got a couple of weddings coming up and I have just realised that my posh frock I thought I could wear is totally unsuitable for breastfeeding in! I've only got a few weeks now to sort out something suitable...argh! What can I wear?? me out folks, suggestions please!

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