Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Infant Visuals

Kira adores this picture I have in my living room, she stares at it and will turn her head to keep looking at it if you move her away. It's an oil painting I bought on ebay, it's an image of the Goddess of Light from the Korean MMORG Shaiya (kinda like World Of Warcraft), I've never played the game but I loved this image and it's my pride and joy! I also have the Goddess of Darkness, but I've never had the spare cash to get it mounted on a frame so it's stashed rolled up behind the sofa, must get around to sorting it!!. Anyways...I figure the reason Kira loves it is because it's on a big plain blank wall and it's the contrast between the colours that she loves so much. I had a quick look around online and found this great "infant stimulation" image that I've printed out and I'm going to stick on the wall by her changing mat. Kira has a touch of nappy rash at the moment, it's only a tiny bit but it's nasty. Health visitor says it might be thrush so she's got canesten cream and is spending lots of time kicking nappy free on her changing mat. Hopefully she will like the new art work. The rash is clearing up already since yesterday but I'm going to keep the nappy free time so we don't get it again!

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  1. Hoping the "airing out" continues to make her feel better. :)