Saturday, 23 April 2011

Kira's Naming

A very lovely day was had by all :)
Her shoes arrived in time, and the ebay angora shrug that I got at the very last minute and the dress I made fitted. I also made her a little purple hair flower and a white one for me, think I may do a tutorial soon as they worked great! Also made lovely paper flower decorations (the big white ones either side of her name in the second pic) and made a helium balloon arch with the help of some very helpful friends. The weather was stunning and she managed to get through the ceremony without screaming the place down lol! The food was totally delicious and the hotel was lovely, so glad we did it!


  1. Looks wonderful. So lovely to see you smiling with Kira in your arms.x

  2. Beautiful mamma... so beautiful.

  3. Beautiful.

    ps: just letting you know, I can't read the comments above in the coloured font you have chosen. Just letting you know in case you don't know and no one else has pointed it out!

  4. Hello, Just been reading your blog and thought it impolite to lurk in silence lol. I found you via a comment from Jeanette's blog and was about to move on (there are so many lovely blogs and not enough hours in the day to read them), when I saw the area 51 wedding, and had to have a closer look lol. Very cool, and your vintage (inspired?) clothes are lovely.
    Congratulations on your rainbow baby.