Monday, 30 May 2011

Babies and Bathrooms

Today has been a lovely day, DH was off work and it was raining and we have no money to go anywhere anyway we chilled out with Kira all day and managed to watch a little bit of a new series called Breaking Bad while she slept. It's rather good if you like drama along the lines of Dexter or Six Foot Under, I'm in love and can't wait to watch the rest! Kira has been in a lovely happy mood all day and had a bit of a monch on a strawberry earlier. I've been holding out for weaning at 6 months but she wanted to try it so bad I couldn't resist! Also managed to finish painting the bathroom floor now just gotta get some wallpaper up and it will almost look like a real bathroom lol!
This vid cheered me up too :D

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Project Shit Pit - Jewellery Storage

So right now my house is at a whole new low, it's messy, disorganised, undecorated and generally is not something I am proud of. It's going to be a massive task to renovate this house, especially with virtually no cash and it does not help that organizing things goes against all my instincts, I'm creative, random and messy, order is for lightweights! But alas it is so bad that I can't do any fun creative stuff as there is too much cleaning and boring work to do the whole time and it is impossible to find where I put that nice bit of fabric I bought or where the string is or a pair of scissors's a nightmare. So my new task is to learn some organisational skills and make living here a little stressful. So time to put my leet DIY skills into action and sort it out! This I am calling Project Less Of A Shit Pit...Shit Pit for short.... So here is my first idea....jewellery clean up!
So my nice necklaces and stuff are shoved in a drawer, needless to say as they are hidden away I don't actually wear them. So here they are before...even if  I did want one it would take a hour to untangle them.

So I got a pack of hooks from Aldi, £2.99 for a big selection pack of hooks. I found a space on the inside of my wardrobe doors that was just wasted space and decided to install some in there. First I made a pilot hole with a bradawl. If you don't have one...get one they really make life soooo much easier for all manner of DIY tasks. 

Then screwed in a hook

Tip here is that when is gets tough to turn, use a pair of blisters required.

So this is the after...organised...yeh! I can see everything and discovered I actually have some nice stuff. Also used one of those sticky pad backed clips meant for holding tea towels to hold my mini top hat.

Then I got enthusiastic and decided to do some in the kichen too. Organised scissors!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I NEVER win anything! I won a Bambino Mio swim nappy in their recommend a friend Facebook comp. My friend has won a Mio Intro Kit too. This means of course that I'm going to have to actually go swimming, DD has been nagging for a while to go, she's learnt to swim at school and wants to show off her new skills. The big question is will my fat ass fit in my old swimsuit...somehow I doubt it. No doubt this is going to mean I'm going to go swimming looking like a whale in a spray on swimsuit, fabulous.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Wreck This Journal

It's strange sometimes how something you've never heard of before suddenly crops up in several places at once. I remember reading this post about conformation bias which apparently is the technical term for it...anyway I digress. I came across this cool little book that I think I'm going to buy as a gift for a friend, and then I see a blog post about the same author.

The idea ..of course, is to wreck it creatively. There is even a blog dedicated to giving you ideas and such. I love quirky things like this! Are there any other little gems like this I should know about, let me know folks!

Analytical Armadillo: breastfeeding in public is offensive - see for you...

Analytical Armadillo: breastfeeding in public is offensive - see for you...:
Love this post :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Micro Origami

Something strangely mesmerising about this video of tiny origami things opening by capillary action

Flottille (detail) from Etienne Cliquet on Vimeo.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Tolkien Day Fun

So I happily got my elf dress on this morning and pranced around amazed that it actually still fitted me...then I remembered that I would be needing to breastfeed all day long and that I couldn't in my dress *gutted* can't believe I didn't think of that beforehand duhhhh! So it's been packed away again, maybe next year! I managed to find a brown jaggedy edged skirt a brown top and my brown moby wrap, which all looked suitably hobbity. Kira was super cute in her little elf top. We got to see a performance of bits of the Lord Of The Rings in the forest, a battle reinactment, DD got a free henna tattoo and made a free willow headress, we looked around the working mill and had a go at archery for just £1. A really great day especially for a free event.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Spread the Aldi love

Tried Aldi's barbeque seasoning sachets out today for the first time and they were actually really delicious! Got some cheap chicken legs from the local shop and stuck it all in a plastic bag to coat then 45 mins in the oven. Fried some onions, garlic and cabbage and some asparagus. Lovely :D This worked out really cheap and used up lot of my veggie box veggies.

Tomorrow we are off to Tolkien weekend at Sarehole Mill and I am digging out the silly medieval dress and elf ears, I even have a lil green elf dress for Kira *geek joy* hope the weather is good!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

How to do things faster

I need to learn the t-shirt folding thing and the headphones trick in this vid :D

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Budget 20 min Bolognese

I learned this recipe from my Mum and it's a fav. This is cheap, super easy and super yummy and feeds lots of people! This feeds 4 easily.

You will need:-
Lean mince beef 
Tinned chopped tomatoes
Tomato puree tube
Beef stock cube (msg free if possible)
Worcester Sauce 
-or just use a mixed herbs
-or use fresh herbs from the garden
salt and pepper

Fry the onion

Then brown the beef 

Add chopped and puree tomato

Add stock cube

Add a dash of Worcester sauce 

Lots of garlic (fresh is better) and all the herbs


Cover and simmer 20 mins, job done!

Poverty and Pinterest

Currently we are poverty stricken, so much so that I can't afford the bus to get DD to school, but shhhhh we are not telling the school that! We've hit the overdraft limit and all the credit cards, so life has just had to stop for a little while. Fortunately we've managed to get her into a new school close by after half term so problem will be solved soon. I can't wait as to pick her up on the bus, I leave at 2pm and we don't get home until 5pm...and it costs £6.10 gah! The mornings I can't even do as the buses sail pass as they are always too packed with secondary school kids. Normally we can get a lift in the mornings but mum in law has gone on holiday. Anyway...I can't wait until we have a closer school it's going to save a fortune!! 
Also getting a bit creative with food, we've switched to shopping at Aldi, and I've started getting a veg box from Riverford. Which is great as we have to eat more veg and I have to work out ways to use the random veg. Last night was beef, cabbage, carrot and asparagus stir fry. Just added garlic powder, ginger, Chinese 5 spice and soy sauce and stir fried, it was yummeh!

Also currently a bit obsessed with Pinterest. It's a pinboard you can save things you like from the net. Check mine out It's a great way to note craft tutorials, home ideas, clothing ect. It's invite only at the mo, give me a shout if you would like an invite :) I'm addicted, sooooo many pretty things to collect!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Paper Party Flowers Tutorial

I made these flowers for Kira's naming day and they looked really great, so I thought I'd share a how-to! These are made from napkins, which are cheap and easy to get in colours to match any party theme. I used some large linen feel napkins from John Lewis for the white flowers and ordinary small ones for the purple flowers.

Take about 5/6 napkins and open them up to make a big square, then stack them together.

Concertina fold them, I remember doing this in infants school :D

When it's all folded up cut the ends into a nice rounded shape.
Tie tightly in the very centre, I used some curling ribbon in a contrasting colour.
Then separate all the layers carefully and voila!

I put the big white ones on the main table

and some more I made with two colours of purple napkins on all the tables. Didn't get a good shot of these, there were three on each table with a centrepiece of balloons, and little bags of sweetie favours, the kids had already pinched the balloons by the time of this shot lol!!

Can't wait for another party to try making some more of these! I've picked some super cheap packs of coloured napkins when I've seen them. Aldi has some really nice stripy ones at the moment :D