Monday, 30 May 2011

Babies and Bathrooms

Today has been a lovely day, DH was off work and it was raining and we have no money to go anywhere anyway we chilled out with Kira all day and managed to watch a little bit of a new series called Breaking Bad while she slept. It's rather good if you like drama along the lines of Dexter or Six Foot Under, I'm in love and can't wait to watch the rest! Kira has been in a lovely happy mood all day and had a bit of a monch on a strawberry earlier. I've been holding out for weaning at 6 months but she wanted to try it so bad I couldn't resist! Also managed to finish painting the bathroom floor now just gotta get some wallpaper up and it will almost look like a real bathroom lol!
This vid cheered me up too :D


  1. I am glad the twins and the mom are doing great.

    I can't stand crying babies either. It makes me very emotional.

    Good job on getting the bathroom ready. I don't like Dexter, but I will check out the serial you are speaking of.

    Take Care!

  2. Making new friends is hard isn't it? I've only one new friend made since Florence was born, and she doesn't understand,but she does respect how things might be different for me.I find it really odd and kinda comforting spending time with someone who didn't know me before.
    Can't wait to see pics of the bathroom. x

  3. there was someone in Mothercare the other month when i was in there with my mum, and she let her baby scream the entire time she was in there. baby was too young to be trying it on. i had to physically keep holding back my own arms and constantly tell myself that it wasn't my business, that i couldn't go and pick up the poor kid, but it was so.damned.difficult. it felt physically painful to hear those cries and not be able to do anything about them.