Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Paper Party Flowers Tutorial

I made these flowers for Kira's naming day and they looked really great, so I thought I'd share a how-to! These are made from napkins, which are cheap and easy to get in colours to match any party theme. I used some large linen feel napkins from John Lewis for the white flowers and ordinary small ones for the purple flowers.

Take about 5/6 napkins and open them up to make a big square, then stack them together.

Concertina fold them, I remember doing this in infants school :D

When it's all folded up cut the ends into a nice rounded shape.
Tie tightly in the very centre, I used some curling ribbon in a contrasting colour.
Then separate all the layers carefully and voila!

I put the big white ones on the main table

and some more I made with two colours of purple napkins on all the tables. Didn't get a good shot of these, there were three on each table with a centrepiece of balloons, and little bags of sweetie favours, the kids had already pinched the balloons by the time of this shot lol!!

Can't wait for another party to try making some more of these! I've picked some super cheap packs of coloured napkins when I've seen them. Aldi has some really nice stripy ones at the moment :D


  1. Beautiful.. and love the purple ones!

  2. these are fab! love the different shades of purple you have used.

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