Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Poverty and Pinterest

Currently we are poverty stricken, so much so that I can't afford the bus to get DD to school, but shhhhh we are not telling the school that! We've hit the overdraft limit and all the credit cards, so life has just had to stop for a little while. Fortunately we've managed to get her into a new school close by after half term so problem will be solved soon. I can't wait as to pick her up on the bus, I leave at 2pm and we don't get home until 5pm...and it costs £6.10 gah! The mornings I can't even do as the buses sail pass as they are always too packed with secondary school kids. Normally we can get a lift in the mornings but mum in law has gone on holiday. Anyway...I can't wait until we have a closer school it's going to save a fortune!! 
Also getting a bit creative with food, we've switched to shopping at Aldi, and I've started getting a veg box from Riverford. Which is great as we have to eat more veg and I have to work out ways to use the random veg. Last night was beef, cabbage, carrot and asparagus stir fry. Just added garlic powder, ginger, Chinese 5 spice and soy sauce and stir fried, it was yummeh!

Also currently a bit obsessed with Pinterest. It's a pinboard you can save things you like from the net. Check mine out http://pinterest.com/frustratedfairy/ It's a great way to note craft tutorials, home ideas, clothing ect. It's invite only at the mo, give me a shout if you would like an invite :) I'm addicted, sooooo many pretty things to collect!

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