Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Project Shit Pit - Jewellery Storage

So right now my house is at a whole new low, it's messy, disorganised, undecorated and generally is not something I am proud of. It's going to be a massive task to renovate this house, especially with virtually no cash and it does not help that organizing things goes against all my instincts, I'm creative, random and messy, order is for lightweights! But alas it is so bad that I can't do any fun creative stuff as there is too much cleaning and boring work to do the whole time and it is impossible to find where I put that nice bit of fabric I bought or where the string is or a pair of scissors's a nightmare. So my new task is to learn some organisational skills and make living here a little stressful. So time to put my leet DIY skills into action and sort it out! This I am calling Project Less Of A Shit Pit...Shit Pit for short.... So here is my first idea....jewellery clean up!
So my nice necklaces and stuff are shoved in a drawer, needless to say as they are hidden away I don't actually wear them. So here they are before...even if  I did want one it would take a hour to untangle them.

So I got a pack of hooks from Aldi, £2.99 for a big selection pack of hooks. I found a space on the inside of my wardrobe doors that was just wasted space and decided to install some in there. First I made a pilot hole with a bradawl. If you don't have one...get one they really make life soooo much easier for all manner of DIY tasks. 

Then screwed in a hook

Tip here is that when is gets tough to turn, use a pair of blisters required.

So this is the after...organised...yeh! I can see everything and discovered I actually have some nice stuff. Also used one of those sticky pad backed clips meant for holding tea towels to hold my mini top hat.

Then I got enthusiastic and decided to do some in the kichen too. Organised scissors!


  1. We found woodworm in the baby's room at 32 weeks (5 weeks or so ago). His room is currently a shell after the treatment and he's considered full term from Sunday. So... yeah. I can kind of relate.....

    (Ironically the woodworm part only cost a couple of hundred quid to sort out. The joiner who's fixing the damage caused is nearly 5x that. Oh, and our drain broke a few weeks before that. We are so screwed!)

    Hope Kira is still doing well?

  2. Organization always makes me happy.. I have a few book shelves screaming out for help! Ha...

  3. And for some reason, no images are showing on my laptop (issues with the connection), and so from what I gather, you just had a major spring cleaning initiative? Well, I hope it all looks better now.

    I somehow find this noteworthy, that it takes no time to mess up something, some time to clean up, and a long time to keep it clean!