Saturday, 21 May 2011

Tolkien Day Fun

So I happily got my elf dress on this morning and pranced around amazed that it actually still fitted me...then I remembered that I would be needing to breastfeed all day long and that I couldn't in my dress *gutted* can't believe I didn't think of that beforehand duhhhh! So it's been packed away again, maybe next year! I managed to find a brown jaggedy edged skirt a brown top and my brown moby wrap, which all looked suitably hobbity. Kira was super cute in her little elf top. We got to see a performance of bits of the Lord Of The Rings in the forest, a battle reinactment, DD got a free henna tattoo and made a free willow headress, we looked around the working mill and had a go at archery for just £1. A really great day especially for a free event.

1 comment:

  1. I love finding special events like this.. and free makes it all the more enjoyable! Great pictures!