Tuesday, 14 June 2011


I always wondered about the little figures in the Japanese film Princess Mononoke (which I love) These creepy little guys are "spirits of the forest". I've come across these trype of little figures who live on mountains by the roadside in a few different films I've seen and always wondered if they were based on some kind of cultural thing.

I just came across the Japanese Jizo Statues. In Japan Jizo is worshipped as the guardian of the spirits of miscarried, aborted or stillborn babies. I can see where the Princess Mononoke animators got the idea from. Parents place toys and offerings, or little hats and bibs by the statues asking for protection of their child's soul. Something about this idea really appeals to me. I think I may just craft a little Jizo of my own for my garden. I like that they have a cultural way of acknowledging the loss of an unborn child, it's a shame we don't do something similar here.


  1. Love the pics of the Mikuzo Jizo's. There is one I want that I saw only a few weeks after Cullen died. Maybe it's time....

  2. I had only heard of these via Angie's blog, and her paintings. I'd never seen the statues, they are cute little fellows aren't they?

  3. I love this. I did not know of Jizo.

    Also, I am astounded by the fact that Japanese have such a beautiful way of acknowledge children that are not present in the physical world.

    Thank you. You have given me something I would like to google around quite a bit.