Saturday, 11 June 2011


So for some reason I felt the need to google my name as there was a discussion on radio 4 about online profiles and how you may want to check out what comes up about you on google.
All looks fairly normal, Facebook, picasa the usual...and then there is this
(there was a link here to a wierd peruvian travel page with loads of my pictures and random text)

Seriously WTF? I tried emailing the website but it bounced back. Any clue as to how I can get my pictures off that site? I'm assuming it's some kind of weird bot trawler type thing ...very very odd. It's kind of scary as there are mentions of a lot of the different sites I use...creepy :S

EDIT: sorry to anyone who clicked the link it was sending out viruses


  1. hey - I just wanted to let you know that when I clicked on that link my antivirus went beserk. It probably is a bot trawler and you might want to run an antivirus on your computer now.

  2. It is a trawler.. most blogs end up having the issue at some point. Gotta love the internet.. ugh.

  3. It is a bot. Don't fret over it, and don't access the site at all. Can you get it off? I don't think so.