Saturday, 30 July 2011

YEH, I'm back!!

So after a technical intermission it looks like I'm back blogging :D
We've been getting on really well with the whole baby led weaning thing, and wow it is so much easier than all that pureeing and mashing. Can't help but feel smug when I'm out and about and my friends have been spending hours pureeing and freezing various combinations of random vegetables. Lazy parenting is the way forward!
We've had lots of picnics in the park, I'm loving this nice weather! Money worries are still the same old same old. We've got the big wedding coming up at the end of August and we've had to cancel the posh hotel we had booked and are going to camp instead! Camping with babies, this will certainly be fun.... My bestest friend who is the one getting married has started her own very cute blog, all about weddings and pretty things
DH is on a stag do this weekend and left me this morning with about a zillion beer cans to pick up. I wouldn't usually mind so much  but I've got the worst cold and  a chest infection and feel like death warmed up, blergh. The whole house is a mess, it's amazing how a few days of not quite being on the ball means it rapidly desends into chaos. Everything seems so crazy difficult when all you want to do is go back to bed. Kira has luckily been super well behaved and we've spent most of the day cuddled up on the sofa. She's had a runny nose but luckily seems to not be unwell, hopefully breastfeeding is giving her some immunity.
For the first time since I moved to Birmingham 4 years ao, I've suddenly felt a little homesick. I was reading this lovely post and her house looks so much like houses I lived in back in Wales. I would kill for all that space now!! Oh, for high ceilings and wood panelling and a dining room. I used to have a huge 4 bedroom Victorian house when I had just one child, we had one bedroom as a music room and another as an office and I took it totally for granted *sigh* Now we are all squeezed in a tiny ex council house with box rooms, bad wiring and dodgy central heating. I also miss having the kind of house you can make a lot of noise in. I love to sing, and play music loud and dance like a crazy thing, and have drums and guitars, and friends over for mad parties with didgeridoos and djembes. All of that is far too uncivilised in such an urban environment as we are in now. I miss the forests and the waterfalls and even the proper torrential rain. *sigh*  Maybe one day I'll take over half our tiny garden with a soundproofed garage, that would be awesome! But I'm sitting next to our drum kit which I've dragged out from the attic to sell in aid of DS having some cash over the summer as I know it's never going to able to played here.
Also I have been plagued by this one dammed chirrping cricket! I bought crickets (which our pet bearded dragon Fizzgig eats) from a different pet shop and they looked funny, all stripy instead of plain black, the guy said they were silent ones just the same so I bought a pack. But these were not at all the same, they are super jumpy, super chirrpy, escapologist crickets. They escaped from the little cricket house, and this one dammed cricket has been happily chirrping away under my kitchen cabinets for about two weeks, it's driving me slowly insane!!! I've tried everything to flush it out to no avail, I was hoping it would just die off after a bit as they usually only live for a week. But this one seems to be very happy in it's new under kitchen residence and shows no sign of slowing down and is filling our house with jungle sound effects day and night...I'm just hoping they are not ....breeding, oh man, that would be a whole new level of horror, maybe I need to get some bug spray  :S


  1. I hope so! I keep on waiting to read your next post!

  2. I'm so envious of Kat's house too, I'm obsessed with her ceiling rose and her hall tiles!
    Hope you find that cricket soon. x