Tuesday, 6 September 2011

2 years

So it's been two years since we lost Isabella and I decided to get a sky lantern and release it just like we did at her funeral. Me and DD spent yesterday decorating it with felt tip pens. I was really impressed with DD's tree design that she made, it was made from dots of different colours. I kinda copied her with my curly tree.

So this evening once Kira was in bed, we decided to release the lantern. It was kinda breezy but it stopped raining, after tipping it down pretty much all day so I figured it was now or never.  We waited and our beautiful lantern raised into the air gently.

Then suddenly, the wind caught it. It started to spin around like crazy.

Then it started to dive straight towards our next door neighbours garden, then recovered and flew up over the next few house and we relaxed. But no, the wind caught it again and by this point it was really aflame. We watched as what was by now a large fireball, dove into some poor unsuspecting persons garden at high speed. 
Frikkin hilarious!

We are now hiding and hoping not to get a knock on the door from an irate neighbour who has just been subjected to an airbourne arson attempt. Not what I was expecting from today at all really. Not very dignified. Story of my life I suppose lol!! But still wishing we had little Bella with us to  laugh at all this crazy stuff with us. 

Miss you little one xx