Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Been a while

Not posted for what seems like an age! One, because life is pretty sweet these days and I don't feel the need to moan and two because I am super busy studying, go me! Writing essays is not so much fun as blogging tho so I'm hoping to get back in the habit. 

Tonight I went to a lecture by the Wellbeing Of Women in Birmingham, they are a medical research charity and were doing this talk to get more of the cutting edge research out into the public. One of the speakers happened to be by the Professor that treated me when I was pregnant so I thought it would be good to go along. It was a really quite inspiring and fascinating lecture on some of the new research into early pregnancy. There has been some amazing work done on the uterus and it's ability to know whether or not an embryo is a viable one. The body has a 90% rate of miscarrying an embryo with chromosomal problems, which is actually pretty incredible when you think about it, how can it tell that there is something wrong? The uterus is more accurate than pretty much all the advanced screening we have available to us! If they can find out how the body normally deals with this, then it can also then look at what goes wrong when some people continually miscarry healthy embryos or fail to let them implant in the first place. There are natural killer cells in the lining of the uterus which do this job and some women with recurrent miscarriage have higher levels of these cells. The theory is that a high dose of steroids can reduce these cells and let the pregnancy continue. This is the treatment I had, which worked a treat for me! In the trials it only increased the live birth rate from 40% to 60% which means it does work but they are going back to drawing board to get it even better. Now they are going to try a mix of different drugs to see if they can make the treatment more effective and really crack the problem. This means though that no one can currently get access to trying the treatment that I had and it will take years to complete the new trial. Makes me feel very lucky indeed to have been able to have the treatment that worked for me but sort of sad that other women won't be able to benefit from it for many more years.