Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Chocolate Free Easter

Last year my oldest DD was diagnosed with the horrible Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. There's no treatment for it, but I watched the programme Food Hospital on channel 4 and they had success treating childhood migraines  by controlling diet, Cyclical Vomiting is very similar to migraine so I wondered whether it might help DD. So I got an appointment with an NHS dietician and we are trying excluding some common trigger foods, which are cheese and chocolate. At Christmas she was having at least one episode a week and since excluding there foods we have no had one single full blown episode! We've still had a few episodes of feeling sick and a headache but it's so amazingly better than it was, really chuffed! Cutting out chocolate is not the easiest thing to do when you are 9 and your favourite thing is chocolate but she's done amazingly well. However Easter is coming and I'm so not looking forward to have so much chocolate about and I know even though I've told everyone about the no chocolate thing, I'm sure people will forget and still bring her easter eggs, or offer her "just a tiny bit won't hurt" pieces. I'm trying to find alternative that I can suggest people bring but I've really struggled to find anything suitable. She's not much into sweets either so that makes it really difficult. I was wondering whether fudge eggs would work? Maybe Easter cupcakes would be good? Any ideas would be most appreciated!

Who would have though that something so simple as chocolate could make you throw up for days at a time!?

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