Thursday, 5 April 2012

More Shopping Frustrations

So in my last post I looked at "fashionable" high street clothes. But in all honesty I'm not going to be squeezing my lardy thighs into normal high street sizes any time soon. I'm already wussing out of going running due to the weather (it's cold, meh!) so today I decided to try some you tube yoga, with the lovely Esther Ekhart, which actually proved to be a lot more challenging than it bloody looks! I did feel rather good afterwards and the videos were really easy to follow so I think I'm going to carry on doing some of the other vids over the coming weeks. Oh and it's worth checking out the Yoga Fail video on her channel where the cat gets her crotch, hilarious!

.....anyway back to clothes. I decided to go back to reality and look at some stores which cater for the chubsters like me. I was expecting a horrorshow after looking at the standard shops, but I'm pretty gobsmacked to find some really nice stuff.

This lovely bird print jersey dress from Simply Be. Love it!

Now the only trouble is the total lack of cash ARGHHHH! lol!

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